Waddelow Surname

Early research in the 19th century suggested that the name meant "Wade in love" with Wade being an early personal name. However this is clearly not correct, surnames rarely mean exactly what they appear to mean. In this case the famous etymologist Professor P R Reaney widely acknowledged as the leading authority on English surnames, and writing in 1959, suggested that it may mean "furious - wolf" and quoted as an example Walter Wodelof of circa 1250. This is from the Middle English word "wode" meaning mad, cross or furious!  Later examples showing the variety of spellings inc lude Thomas Wadyloue, Robert Wadloef, and Adam Wadinlof, all in the Poll Tax register for Yorkshire in 1379.  Recorded as Waddilove, Waddilow, Waddelow, Wadlow and possibly others, this is an English surname although one which probably owes something to the pre 8th century Vikings. First recorded with that of William Wadylove in the Assize Tax registers of the year 1260 for the county of Yorkshire, where the surname is still prominent,it is of ancient origins.

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